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Our team

Pranay Tummalapalli
Team Lead

Interested in electronics and discovering life through people, the team lead of the project, Pranay is a final year B.Tech (Electronics and Communication) student deeply interested in finding unique solutions to daily life problems through technology. 

Kanchan Vinayak Bhale
Materials- Inflatable Habitat 

A happy go lucky space researcher who is packed for mars and determined to see the pale blue dot from her "home". Performed a numerical analysis in selection of inflatable, tensite and volumetrically efficient material for inflatable habitat for mission nestOne with comparative study of possible landing sites on Mars. Inclined towards aerospace, payload and electronics, Kanchan is a pre final year student at Cummins, Pune. 

Vignesh Vishwanath
Assistant Team Lead

Aspiring Indian astronaut and space scientist; amateur astronomer and space explorer. Vignesh's research focused on “Structural Analysis” and study of space-grade materials for the
inflatable Martian habitat. Also worked on the various design requirements.
Included preliminary studies on astronauts’ requirements, conceptual design of simulated

Structure and ECLSS

An aerospace engineer who believes that “Human beings are multiplanetary species”.  

Kripasree S

Gene who is always excited to the topic Space and Basketball. Loves to
paint the Aurora with her own colours. The Mars always fantasized her 
dream. Unequivocally, wish to play Basketball once on the Ms. Red

Aviraj Pawar

Guy with extreme desire to launch his own rocket to punch one more hole in sky. Developed the Atmosphere Management System under ECLSS subsystem for "nestOne" conceptual habitat along with partner Kripasree S.

Jinit Dhondiyal

Jinit is a guy who has passion for all things Elon Musk and SpaceX rocket launches, or just drop four G’s on the latest telescope and aspire to run his own department of astronomy. Space.  The final frontier.  So vast, so contemplated, so unknown. Just as our constellations are infinite, so are the questions related to
it. the relentless curiosity about everything from the milky way to the earth’s atmosphere,
from dark matter to supernovas. And there he says- “I would love going down the black hole of Space”.


Md Meeran Adnan